Mike Slay

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My research:

My research interests include the description, conservation, and management of karst systems, particularly those habitats and species found in the Ozark Highlands of Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri.


I have been working in karst conservation for ten years in the states that contain the caves of the Ozark Highlands Ecoregion. Before joining The Nature Conservancy, I coordinated karst research during positions held at the University of Arkansas, Buffalo National River NPS, Illinois Natural History Survey, and Missouri Department of Conservation. Since joining The Nature Conservancy, I have worked with multiple partners such as US Fish & Wildlife Service, US Forest Service, Arkansas Game & Fish Commission, Missouri Department of Conservation, Oklahoma Biological Survey, and Illinois Natural History Survey to conserve and protect karst species and habitats. I have coordinated the exploration, species monitoring, and habitat analysis in several hundred caves, and I have assisted with the discovery of over 15 karst species new to science.